Finding your true match can be as easy as looking at one's palm!

Statistically it takes up to 3 months of active dating to understand your partner's personality and figure out how well you match. Do you need to invest so much of your time (and feelings) into the process?  "No" - tells us psychology. There are faster ways. 

One of the solutions - PalmMATCH method that benefited thousands of people -


PalmMATCH is a (free) professional mobile application that measures the personality match level (score and report) between couples or friends in a fun, non-obtrusive manner.


Based on the study of links between the brain and the palm, as well as the "Big 5" Personality Model, PalmMATCH evaluates potential psychological compatibility between two people by analyzing the shape and lines of their palms

Why does the PalmMATCH app work?

Palms Reflect Personality, not Future.

While we are very sceptical about the  value of fortune-telling in palm reading, our findings suggest that palms are very much capable of revealing the personality of the humans. 

Unlike future events, it is easy to validate too. On the spot!

Why palms can reveal personality?

It has been found that the shape of our palms and the lines (medical term is palmar creases) are formed by various parts of the brain that are responsible for our psychological characteristics, emotions, state of mind, etc.

That is why doctors check the palmar creases of the newborns to detect potential mental disorders early on, AND this is the reason why our palms skin does not wrinkle chaotically when grabbing items, but has a remarkably consistent crease pattern across all races, all ethnic groups.... 

Who is this app for? Am I in?

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Why this app?

It's Discreet!

Pop it up during friend parties, picknicks or first dates in a fun, playful and non-obtrusive manner.

No questions - only answers!

It's FREE!

While the app is professional, thanks to our sponsors, all the core features are free - without annoying pop-up ads.


 You get to benefit from the expertise of palm analysis and professional psychology without having to learn them!

It's PRO!

If you are convinced with the results, you can purchase our PRO version to save & edit profiles and re-run match reports

How to use the PalmMATCH app?


Install the PalmMATCH application,
bring your partner over and
put your palms up!


Guided by the app, answer 10 easy questions about your and your partner's palm characteristics.



    Get the report summary

    Get the detailed report

SAMPLES of Relationship Reports from the PalmMATCH

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