Why does PalmMATCH app work?

While we are very skeptical about the  value of future-telling in palm reading,  our findings suggest that palms are very much capable of revealing the personality of the humans.  

Also we focus on this aspect because it is so easy to validate: if the palm-based personality description does not match what you know about yourself, you can tell on the spot whether the description is true or not.


So, why palms can tell personality?


It has been found that the shape of our palms and the lines (medical term is palmar creases) are formed not by mere physical folding of the hand, but also by various parts of the brain that are responsible for our psychological characteristics, emotions, state of mind, etc. This is the reason why doctors check the palmar creases of the newborns to detect potential mental disorders early on,  AND this is the reason why our palms skin does not wrinkle chaotically when grabbing items, but has a remarkably consistent crease pattern across all races, all ethnic groups.

As a result of this  connection between our brain and our palm, the brain parts responsible for our emotions, feelings and moods begin to reflect that information on the palm once the mental patterns become chronic. For example, if you are constantly very sensitive, eventually your palm will start reflecting this trait through a specific shape of a specific line. This way palm reading can reveal personality with  a high degree of accuracy.

Next time, pay attention - our palms, although hardly ever the same, may be similar in terms of shape and lines to people who have a very similar personality to ours.

Although similarity may be there, it doesn’t make you automatically compatible, while people with different palms might get along very well. How can we tell?

Here is when psychology plugs in.



By integrating  the "The Big 5 Factor Model",  widely used by psychotherapists around the world, into the algorithm of the app, we are able to structure the palm-based cues into individual personality profiles and evaluate them scientifically.


To put it bluntly, palm analysis provides us with hints on WHO you are,  while psychology helps us evaluate HOW well you match with other personalities.

 Frankly speaking we found this compatibility test  for couples or friends a smart way t cut the "get to know" time and get some cues on “how well will we get along” early on. Please note - there is never a good reason to break up with someone you  really like because of the lower compatibility score, but you get an idea what you can expect and that gives you a chance to readjust your expectations and focus points. 


It is important to mention that PalmMATCH cannot give assessments with 100% accuracy because there might be additional factors that are out of scope of the PalmMATCH analysis, while private consultations with relevant experts can provide far more detail. Please note, PalmMATCH does not provide private consultations. It is a playful mobile application based on external expertise.